Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Time flies...

This posting was supposed to be about Kadim's 5-year-old birthday pose, but heck - it was too dark outside and the doggies didn't wanna co-operate either. So, instead - it's a comparison to what Kadim & Salli looked liked together about 7 months ago. Salli has grown from that ridiculously small pupsie into a pretty 9-month-old lady. Well, her manners are not that ladylike yet, but she's getting there. :) And Kadim thinks she's definitely a lady, not an annoying pup anymore. He's happy to even share his bed with her, less than a couple of months ago he got grumpy if she wanted to curl up to him.

^ They weren't interested in sitting nicely either, so Kadim looks like a saggy old fatso... will take better pics soon.

Let's add a baby photo of Kadim as well: