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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Heist on

tullu melkein kavereita. Sallii ensalkuun hiukan ahdisti sähäkkä rääpäle.

Helevetti, aina tuo on pahanteossa...


  • Friends? Hrm, how about another kind of livestock?

    I think Salli just wants to herd Tähkä. That's not livestock, but it looks like cat-stalking. ;) :D

    Tähkä sure does look like an constantly ever-moving busybody!

    By Blogger Semavi Lady, at September 16, 2008  

  • Yo, it's going well with Salli & Tähkä, but with Valkyria - my oldest Oriental Shorthair - it's another story. She was okay with Tähkä at first (see the pics on an earlier posting), but now she's come up with a new mission of life - kill the kitten... So, those two have to be kept separated for the time being. Bleah! I hope Valkkis gets over it as Tähkä grows.

    By Blogger Kiramet, at September 16, 2008  

  • Oh, not so good. I know cats do not like change very much, some dogs too (like Anatolians, it is part of their guarding makeup), but cats are extremely judgemental this way.

    Here is a google search I tried for ideas, click.

    I hope it will all be okay soon.

    By Blogger Semavi Lady, at September 16, 2008  

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