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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Visiting Nino - dogs & critters

Various dogs & other critters big and small - some rescued from very sad conditions.

Lorella with some of the house crew doggies & Libe the horse. Libe is 18 years old and bred by Nino.

Riccio, Ombra & Blasco are herding dogs of landrace type. Not registered breeds, but dogs of this type have been used for centuries as working dogs by the shepherds. They come in various colours & coat types (smooth, longish, wire), with upright ears or floppy ears, with long or medium or stumpy tails, etc - as long as they are good working dogs the cosmetic details have very little significance. Blasco is the Sardinian type - Pastore Fonnese, Ombra & Riccio are local to Bergamo area.

Kikko the Psycho Chihu. :)

Biiiiig tortoises from Sardinia.

Baby tortoises bred by Nino.

More pics


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