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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Visiting Nino - the Anatolians

Pictures rarely tell the truth or not at least the whole truth, so it was wonderful to meet Nino's dogs IRL. They have great temperaments - very guardy but friendly, when introduced. They are big with balanced structure and good bone, they have good substance without being fat or mastiffy.

Aslan (Cappadocia Faikh, imp. from Australia) is the queen of the gang and still going strong at 11 years. Bajo had a taste of Aslan's explosive power after sniffing her butt for too long. :D

Bajo (Zwingli Des Poteries, imp. from Belgium) at 10 years.

Kartal (Old Glory Kartal, imp. from US) at 5 years. Kartal is Farhat's sire.

Baki (Baykal, bred by Nino) at 7 years.

Frida (Cevik, bred by Nino) at 5 years. Frida is Farhat's dam.
When I first saw her, I called her Farhat by mistake - Farhat has inherited her mom's head & expression to 100%. Farhat is still smaller than Frida, but also her structure & body shape is very similar to Frida's. And character - happy, happy, happy! :)

Baki & Frida

Peki (Daisy Des Poteries, imp. from Belgium) at 6 years.

Deli is a young female imported from France.

Runa is two years old, originally imported from Turkey.

Ayri with some of the pups. She's 8 years old, bred by Nino (Bajo x Aslan). Big & strong female with excellent structure & bone.

Ayri telling Bajo to stay away from her pups. Ayri lets Kartal to be with the pups, but makes sure he behaves. Which he does. :)

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